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Buying an Ocala Horse Farm?

Before beginning your search for an Ocala horse farm, Ocala Ranch, or Ocala farm land you need to understand the Ocala farm market. It is constantly changing and in order to make the best decision on where and when to buy, you need us!

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FOR MANY the search for an Ocala farm can be a daunting task. Considering there are more than a thousand farms and endless miles of farm areas to choose from, few people even know where to begin. The real-estate magazines may whet your appetite, but since they cover in excess of 60 square miles, many buyers quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged after calling only a few ads.


THE ANSWER is relatively simple: You need to search with professionals in the know; you need the Ocala Farm Experts. We are the leading experts on Ocala’s horse properties. Our dedicated client service is the most comprehensive in the market. When searching for your future farm, we leave no stone unturned. We educate you on the ins and outs of the various farm neighborhoods throughout Ocala. We show you all properties, not just the properties we represent… we hand pick a select list of farms individually matched to fit your particular needs. OUR CLIENTS come first, 24/7. Client Service is our forte – and we take your farm search seriously. We treat the search for your dream farm as if we were searching for our own! CALL THE OCALA FARM EXPERTS – TO DISCUSS YOUR FARM NEEDS. 352.615.8891.

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Buyer Reviews for Ocala Horse Properties:

You guys weren’t content until you knew that we had a feel for Ocala… You wouldn’t let us just buy a house… you listened to determine our interests and lifestyle and took the time to show us farms that we had not considered! Your patience, willingness to help, attention to detail and working with the seller were nothing short of exemplary, both before and after the closing!
Jim & Merry Lee Bain


We’re sold on Ocala Horse Properties! When it comes to realtors, you should have expert support & care. We did! They listened & offered us relevant and appealing choices… not just places that needed to be sold. They did all of their homework and had the expertise to answer our questions so that we could make the best choice!
Gail Allison & Tim Purol
We considered several real-estate professionals in Ocala to search for our future farm and, based on your reputation and references, we selected the two of you. Your professionalism, attention to detail and follow up were exemplary… You valued our time and truly had researched the farm for sale for us to consider. We are enjoying beautiful Ocala today because of the two of you!
Pat & Phllis Harlow


“I am a real estate agent and I hired Ocala Horse Properties to sell my farm. Here is why…”

Yes, although I am a real estate agent and the obvious choice was to list the farm myself and save the commission, I decided to hire Ocala Horse Properties to sell my farm. I closely watched the market and it became clear that they sell the majority of farms. In my professional view, in this market, the only real chance I had at selling was to list with Ocala Horse Properties.
Time is money, and I am not alone in my view. After further review, I saw that several other real estate agents had listed their personal farms with Chris & Rob. “I am amazed that anyone would list with someone other than Ocala Horse Properties. In this market, I realize that patience is necessary considering that at the time, roughly less than 12% of the farms were selling annually,
but I was not going to take a chance on such a huge financial decision. I listed my farm with Ocala Horse Properties, they quickly put it under contract and it’s a cash deal closing in 30 days! “Mission complete and one of the best decisions I have ever made!”
—Walter Angel – Ocala Farm owner & Commerial Real estate agent

January 20, 2014