Downtown Hotel & Farm Market Revitalization On Tap!

Architectural drawing of the new Hotel Ocala, courtesy Feel Downtown Ocala

Downtown Ocala is enjoying a surge in revitalization projects, giving Marion County residents and tourists even more reasons to live, work, and play in our area!

In and around the Historic Downtown Square, there are more choices on tap for dining, retail and outdoor entertainment, adding to the reasons to call Ocala home.

Construction projects are underway at several key locations in the Downtown Square area. At the top of the list for City Council’s approved projects is the old Chamber of Commerce building, which will be transformed into The Hotel Ocala, with additional residential and retail space. The building is located within a short walk and east of the Downtown Square, with great access to restaurants and retail stores.

The following is an official statement from the Feel Downtown Ocala website:

“Conceptually, the project would consist of two buildings. The first building would be six stories and house 90 hotel rooms, 10,000 square feet of conference room space and 7,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.  A two-story second building would include about 2,000 square feet of retail space and 8,000 square feet of residential space.  The first phase of this project is tentatively scheduled to begin August 2017 and conclude in March 2019.”

Ocala Farm Market drawing, courtesy Feel Downtown Ocala

New and Improved Farm Market Location

Due to the renovations at the old Chamber Building, the Farm Market, which was previously located in the Chamber parking lot, has been relocated. Don’t fret, as the new farm market will feature a covered shed for vendors and many improved amenities such as better lighting and electric, restrooms with running water, wi-fi access, a playground and a portable stage.

The newly renamed ‘Ocala Downtown Market’ will be located south of SE 3rd Street, between SE 3rd Avenue and SE Osceola. This will be the perfect family friendly excursion on the weekends, and it will all be within walking distance of the new residential buildings!

For more information on additional city projects, please visit Feel Downtown Ocala!