Ocala Horse Properties - Spring 2020 Farm Portfolio

(352) 615-7001 OCALAHORSEPROPERTIES.COM OC A L A HOR S E P RO P E RT I E S 3 • OC A L A HOR S E P RO P E RT I E S • Welcome to Ocala Horse Capital of the World The sun fades as the days get shorter, casting an early glow on our beautiful landscape. Ocala during the winter season is glorious, puts smiles on faces and pep in our neighbors’ steps. Instead of asking what’s not to love, we’re using this issue to talk about what we all genuinely love about beautiful Ocala and Marion County. Uniquely positioned, our landscape serves our horses and farms well and the bustling businesses, diverse restaurants, and art scenes keep culture at our fingertips. This time of year, full-time and seasonal residents (and their horses!) alike take in this vibrant culture and our world-class equine events. In this issue of the 2020 Winter Season Ocala Horse Properties Magazine, beyond our beautiful farms we have for sale, we keep you up to speed on all of the best equine events, entertainment, and other local activities to show you all that Ocala has to offer. This comprehensive look at the area also includes in-depth information about our team, what we love about the area, and stories that take you on a tour of our area’s greatest treasures. We hope that you enjoy Ocala and the area that we all love. There truly is no place like this in the world. — Chris and Rob Desino, and Matt Varney.