Siberian Slap to Hit United States

Photo credit: The Weather Channel

According to The Weather Channel, a large cold front is moving into the United States this week.

The polar jet stream has dipped lower than usual, bringing the frigid winds of Canada into the northern plains and northern Rockies on Monday morning. Subzero wind chills have extended as far south as Kansas, and the colder-than-average temperatures all over the country are expected to linger throughout the week.

Wind chills will be in the -20 to -40 degree range in the northern parts of the country, which can cause frostbite in a matter of minutes. The freezing cold has been deemed by some media outlets as “The Siberian Slap,” referring to the bitter cold air that can be found almost year-round in the Russian tundra.

However, Florida will be spared the wrath of the Siberians. Due to the lush tropical climate of the state, we will have our normal winter temperatures this week (which typically linger in the mid-70’s).

We will be out by the pool, riding our horses, or perhaps even visiting the beach this week. Because when you’ve got a beautiful 75-degree day, why wouldn’t you?

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