Taking the Lead in the Ocala Equestrian Community

Ocala Horse Properties is showing their love for Ocala and the equestrian community through investing significant funds in major horse show circuits right in their own backyard.

Ocala is known as “The Horse Capital of the World” and it’s more and more becoming the horse show capital of the world.

This is in part due to the support that Rob and Chris Desino, owners of Ocala Horse Properties, have provided. Sponsoring equine events is more of a personal calling for the brothers, who head one of the nation’s leading horse farm real estate companies in the United States. And they take that responsibility very seriously.

“We believe it’s our duty to step up and support the horse shows here in Ocala,” says Chris on a rare relaxing afternoon. “The horse shows are an integral part of what makes the horse country here so very special.”

“That’s so true,” Rob chimed in. “Ocala has become such a huge destination for horse show people and unless the shows have support, they won’t flourish. At the end of the day, if the shows are able to grow and increase their stature, then our clients who are buying these beautiful farms will simply have that much of a better lifestyle experience here in Ocala”

There are so many events and shows to choose from & Ocala Horse Properties has chosen to stay focused.

“We can’t be everything to every show,” says Rob. “We title-sponsor quite a few shows and events and even quietly support others. It’s part of what we’ve always done and will keep doing for the foreseeable future. It’s just what we do.”

There are many strategic business aspects of sponsorships, such as image enhancement, driving sales, creating a positive public relations campaign and the opportunity to have VIP experiences with potential clients.

“We enjoy taking people to these wonderful events and creating a special memory and unique experience,“ says Chris. “And, yes there is a business side to it all, but we see that part as a peripheral bonus to what we personally get out of sponsoring. I’m sure there are some really smart business consultants out there who cringe when they hear people say things like that,” he says with a smile.

“But for Chris & Rob, it really is about doing our part and giving back to help the entire effort. We can’t create the events, but we can provide substantial financial support to help them be the best they can be”, says Matt Varney, who now works along side the twins with clients in Ocala.

The support that Ocala Horse Properties is spread through the various equine disciplines including polo, 3-day eventing, jumping, dressage and several overall festivals.

“We simply enjoy what the horse lifestyle offers,” says Rob. “We have many friends who are world champions in their discipline and we thoroughly enjoy watching them compete and succeed.”

And, because of Rob and Chris’ leadership role for several events in Ocala and in Wellington (through their sister company, Wellington Equestrian Realty), others companies have become sponsors, further cementing the success of many events

“We’ve been told our sponsorship support has brought others onboard,” sayd Chris. “We love to hear that because our desire is for each horse show to be successful and that of course, lends to the success of the Ocala equine industry.”