Help Support Ocala’s Exceptional Non-Profits in 2020!

The team at Ocala Horse Properties believes in giving back to members of our Ocala community that stand out as noteworthy non-profits. Throughout the years, we have become involved with several Marion County non- profits, which have made an impact on so many people in our region. The following 501C3 organizations are examples of our local favorites that have contributed significantly towards improving the lives of humans and all 4-legged creatures. Please consider making a donation or volunteering your free time to any of these worthwhile organizations which exist right here in Marion County!

The Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection

In early December, Ocala Horse Properties and other members of our community, came together to support the Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection at their annual 2019 fundraiser. The fundraising efforts at this event ensure that the heroes working at the Kimberly’s Center can continue doing the work that they do to help these children. Ocala Horse Properties was honored to be the lucky bidders of a painting created by one of the many children that the Kimberly’s Center has helped. This year, our community raised $190,000 to support the Kimberly’s Center and the the Children they serve.

Founded in 1996 as The Kimberly Cottage, this organization aims to protect and assist children who had been victims of trauma, working together to protect, serve, and advocate for abused and neglected children. Through specialized services, the smallest victims receive quality and timely care by sharing their story and beginning their path to a healthy future.

Rob & Chris Desino pictured with Lisa Rogers at the Kimberly Center's 2019 Fundraiser

Rob & Chris Desino pictured with Lisa Rogers at the Kimberly Center’s 2019 Fundraiser

Currently, the Kimberly Center is working towards raising money for a new playground. If you would like to learn more about how you can help children in Marion County who are impacted by abuse and neglect to heal from their trauma, or if you would like to give please know that every dollar makes a difference, from our new Prevention Initiative to our Outdoor Therapeutic Play Area project.

To give please go to or TEXT 2 GIVE at (243-725 – kckids) .

Voices of Change Animal League (VOCAL)

VOCAL is one of our favorite organizations, because all of us at Ocala Horse Properties have a weak spot for our 4-legged friends! This non-profit has been on a mission to improve the homeless pet population in Marion County through spay/neuter clinics and adoptions assistance. They are run by a board of directors and volunteers who work with county residents and other organizations to help Marion County, FL become a community that values and cares for its pets.

VOCAL has achieved their 2019 goal of building a spay/neuter clinic, and they are continuing to raise funds to also expand this facility into a vet and wellness clinic open to the public. They rely heavily on fundraising efforts for this mission through the annual Furball, which has been a wildly popular party in the Marion County community. This year the Furball will return to Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club on February 8th, 2020!

Join us for a wonderful community gathering this winter at the Annual Furball. For tickets, or to see the multiple ways that you can give or get involved, visit their website at