Ocala Farms Portfolio

We are thrilled to present to you our 2023 Winter Ocala Farm Portfolio.

Ocala is a grand mix of long-time residents and new. As we continue to welcome new friends and clients, we are reminded of its beauty and dynamism. We hope that these stories instill in you the same pride and sense of place we feel every day.

For example, our community has plenty of activities to enjoy both in and out of the saddle. We hope you are inspired by the accounts of locals who find ways to ser ve their community and ways to unwind. Take advantage of the spectacular winter horse shows and get a taste of our area’s upscale wine and dining experiences – both new and iconic.

Through these stories, we honor your continued support because, together, we make this place our home.

Thank you Ocala for continuing to support us.

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“We know that you will come to love Ocala as much as we do. There truly is no place like this in the world.”

— The OHP Team