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How can we make such a bold claim? It’s because, for many years, we have entrenched ourselves into the Ocala Equestrian and greater Ocala, Florida community. This means we are always “in the know” about Ocala farms for sale coming to market... >More about buying an Ocala Farm with us

Who is Ocala Horse Properties?

We are the number one Ocala Farm for Sale Realtors for over 16 years and counting. We are the authority on buying and selling Marion County Horse Farms.  Over the past 16 years we have helped advise countless clients who are on the market for equestrian facilities in this region. We have the largest portfolio of farms for sale in Ocala, and as horse farm owners and equestrians, we have our finger on the pulse of the Florida farm market. >More about the Ocala Horse Properties Team

What Should You Look for When Searching for an Ocala Farm?

Prior to starting your Ocala farm for sale search, we suggest you create a list of priorities to help us better understand your, and your horses needs. Below is our list of questions and suggestions to help streamline your thought process before we take you on a tour of the Ocala area and available farms for sale. >Read more

Our horses, our land, our businesses, our livelihood. This is what we – Ocala Horse Properties and Horse Farms Forever – seek to protect. We know the value we and our community bring to this area. That value results in a thriving, stable economy.

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What to Look for When Buying an Ocala Farm:

Prior to searching for Ocala Farms for Sale, we suggest you create a list of priorities to help us better understand your, and your horses needs. Below is our list of questions and suggestions to help streamline your thought process before we take you on a tour of the Ocala area and available farms for sale.

  1. Prioritize Your Ocala Farm Location

    Have you selected a region in Marion County that is located near the right community for your personal needs and wants? Is the proximity to other facilities and events which are appealing or a priority such as The World Equestrian Center (WEC), HITS, the Florida Horse Park, or a Trail System? Is the property close enough to stores, restaurants, schools and other recreational activities in Ocala? Make sure you set your priorities before starting your search!

  2. Determine the Price & Budget of Your Ocala Farm

    The Team at Ocala Horse Properties always encourages buyers of land, a farm, an estate or a mini farm to set a realistic budget. Before starting your search, take into consideration the fact that farms require regular upkeep, improvements and maintenance. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage before looking so you know how to realistically move forward with a purchase. An Ocala, FL farm can be an excellent asset in your portfolio; consult your tax advisor to understand the benefits of running a boarding, training or breeding business.

  3. Evaluate the Bones of the Ocala Farm

    How solid is the foundation of the structures, house, barn, sheds, fencing, outbuildings, arena or driveway? We don’t want you to be short-sighted if some buildings or infrastructure may need work. Some Ocala farms for sale may have the right backbone for your future vision and may be worthy of some sweat equity towards improvements. In addition to the buildings, you will want to determine if there is ample land or the ability to clear if expansion if needed. Evaluating the topography, vegetation and trees is equally as important when choosing your Ocala Florida horse farm.

  4. What do Your Horses Need in an Ocala Farm?

    Is there enough land or acreage for your horses or other farm animals? Is there room to expand turnout if needed? Is an arena a priority or is there enough level land to exercise your horses on natural turf? Is this for personal use (an Ocala hobby farm or Ocala mini-farm) or will you plan to operate a commercial training or breeding operation in Ocala, Florida? Are there any zoning restrictions on your business if you raise horses, cattle, or have plans to be an agricultural grower? It’s important that you ask these questions and the team at Ocala Horse Properties is here to help!

  5. Consider the Potential Upside for Resale of Your Ocala Farm

    Estimating the resale value of an Ocala farm is always in the forefront of our minds when showing farms in the greater Ocala, Florida region. Ocala Horse Properties knows which areas are increasing in value and which areas to avoid (and why). It is our responsibility to educate our clientele on the investment variables when buying your Ocala farm. In return we ask that buyers consider their long-term goals and objectives with investing in a Marion County horse farm or ranch. What improvements will drive value? How long do you plan to be in the property and what is your timeline to resale? Is the location well protected from development and positioned for future increase in value? Is the property in the Farmland Preservation area?


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By founding endeavors like Horse Farms Forever, we have helped the Ocala, Florida horse industry create more than 21,000 jobs in Marion County with an overall economic impact of $2.3 billion dollars. But beyond the financial gains, protecting our Ocala Farm Lands has fostered over 80,000 horses in our region preserving our culture and the uniqueness that makes Ocala, Florida great!

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