5 Action Steps to Sell Your Ocala, FL Horse Farm!

Contemplating selling your Ocala, Florida farm, but intimidated by the process?  Ocala Horse Properties, the Ocala horse farm experts, can help alleviate that stress by guiding you through our list of suggestions which will help prepare you to put your equestian property on the market!


Our biggest advice is to take a deep breath and don’t be intimidated by the process of selling your farm or ranch.  Start by creating an action list that is simple and attainable. Staging your property to be put on the market does not need to be overwhelming, and the team at Ocala Horse Properties suggests that farm owners tackle projects through a methodical process. So grab your notebook and consider implementing some of the following action items that the we recommend to our clients.

1. Get Out The Pressure Washer

Renting a power washer is the best bang for the buck. Prospective buyers want to see clean exteriors to houses, barns, stalls and driveways.  This is your most important investment and will yield the biggest return on time and money well spent. A bit of elbow grease goes a long way when a horse property is looking as clean as possible, free of cob webs, stains, dirt and mildew.

2.  Landscape Maintenance to Achieve Curb Appeal

Buyers like to envision clean lines, so have the property mowed every week!   Bring in a landscaping company to overhaul your garden beds and entrance to your property. Curb appeal shapes a prospective buyers first impression of your horse farm, so be sure to get this right. Once the initial landscaping is given an overhaul, you can manage the weekly maintenance on your own to keep down costs, but this needs to be done weekly.

Our team at Ocala Horse Properties is happy to make suggestions, but remember that if you’re an absentee owner, your realtor is not your property manager!  You must have a weekly maintenance plan, as farm buyer’s do not buy on your schedule – being prepared for last minute showings is extremely important.

3.  Mend Your Fences

Fencing is an investment that you need to maintain. Be realistic. Replace fence posts and rails that are damaged, but you don’t necessarily need to replace entire paddocks.  Many farm and ranch buyers may change the layout of the paddocks, so if you want to focus on a particular area, focus on the perimeter fencing. Mending and painting your fence is also a great alternative.

4.  House & Barn Smells

Horse people love the smell of a clean barn with fresh bedding for your equine partners. Those are good smells. Most bad smells come from dogs, cats, and smoke.  Power washing will help in the barn, but changing out old carpet and hiring a cleaning service to remove house and farm smells is vital. Repaint stained walls and trim where needed.  We can make recommendations or ask one of your friends to come in and give your property the sniff test. Once you’ve spiffed up the barn and house, make sure you clean on a regular basis!

5.  Consider Hiring an Inspection Company

Nearly 90% of the major issues that come up in an inspection are completely unknown by the current seller.  Prevent any last minute surprises and do not wait for an issue to be found by the buyer. Be aware, be a responsible homeowner and be proactive in the selling process – not reactive.  We can help you coordinate a qualified and thorough inspection of your farm, estate, ranch or mini-farm.


Ocala Horse Properties is THE Marion County authority on farm sales and we’re here to help by taking the emotion out of evaluating and understanding your properties’ true market value. The challenge to owners in selling their farm is the attachment of emotional value to the property. As farm owners, the team at Ocala Horse Properties has learned to take a step back to gain perspective on necessary improvements required to maximize value.

Ocala Horse Properties takes an honest approach to advising clients on the best route to prepare and list your farm. Lean on our expertise to provide a full assessment of your farm and to prepare a ‘go to market’ plan. We will maximize your investment and get your farm sold!

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