Ocala Horse Properties’ Winter Celebration Benefits Horse Farms Forever

Last Sunday, at the conclusion of a magnificent weekend at Live Oak International, Ocala Horse Properties held their winter celebration at Hampton Lane.  The evening was a wonderful evening of celebration for members of our community who have embraced and joined forces with Horse Farms Forever.  We would like to thank everyone who attended for their enthusiasm and commitment towards the future of land preservation in Marion County, and we would like to ask others to join us in this ongoing mission.

Membership starts with just a small donation, and helps spread the message on the importance of conserving horse farms through education and awareness so as to preserve the natural pasture land focusing on horses and their habitats, and to protect the soil and water which they depend, while minimizing land use conflicts in Marion County.

Please consider becoming a member of Horse Farms Forever through a donation at this link to their website https://horsefarmsforever.com/give-today/and join those in our region who cherish the same ideals of land planning and preservation in Ocala!

We hope you enjoy the photos from this wonderful evening.