Spotlight on Lisa Rogers!

OHP’s Right-Hand Woman and Resident Artist

Lisa Rogers, a 5th generation Floridian, joined the team at Ocala Horse Properties five years ago as our Business Manager.  She is an invaluable member of our team, wearing multiple hats and balancing a variety of tasks including coordination of our listings, greeting and scheduling client appointments, liaising with marketing and sponsorship, as well as managing the office finances.  Her ability to keep multiple balls in the air at all times is invaluable to Rob, Chris, and Matt.

What is fascinating about Lisa is her deep roots in this region. In the early 1800’s, her family settled in Florida in the Ocala National Forest, where she still resides in the home from this original settlement. A talent for the arts and her gravitation towards community involvement has been handed down from generation to generation. Those who know Lisa through our office may be unaware of her talents that expand beyond her responsibilities at Ocala Horse Properties.

Lisa’s interest in the arts came from within her home environment and watching her grandmother create objects of beauty from the natural world surrounding her family homestead. This curiosity for creating art began at an early age and was nurtured by her family. Once Lisa’s children had grown, she was able to return to a focus on this lifelong passion. Her paintings are inspired by her love of Florida’s beaches, her natural surroundings, and wildlife. Her original style leans towards abstract with cheerful use of color and textures that puts a distinct stamp on her paintings.

Honored Cover Artist at 2018 Chain of Parks Art Festival

Most recently Lisa was selected as the 2018 Cover Artist for the Chain of Parks Art Festival, which is held each April in Tallahassee. The Festival spans two days and features over 170 artists showcasing a broad array of creativity through paintings, 2 and 3-dimensional art, ceramics, jewelry, sculptures and much more! Throughout the weekend visitors can also enjoy wonderful food, music, pop up entertainment and The Village which offers arts and activities to children and adults.

It was quite an honor for Lisa to be chosen among so many nationally recognized artists to be the Cover Artist for the festival this past year.  Her work embodies the spirit of a lifelong Floridian, diverse and animated. The directors of the festival summarized her approach to this project on the festival’s Cover Artist page.

“Lisa’s work reflects her Florida roots and her paintings include landscapes, seascapes, animals, and abstracts.  To add interest and life, she uses palette knives, brushes, and other implements, applying acrylic paints, inks, charcoal, and crayons.  She adds and subtracts the various mediums until just the right balance in color and texture is achieved.”

Once Lisa had been selected as the Cover Artist for the festival in Tallahassee, she worked closely with the 2 directors of the show for 8 weeks to produce her piece titled ‘Capitol Life’.  In speaking with Lisa regarding her perspective on the project, she explained the process it took to create this specific commission.

“They gave me about 10 ideas from local inspirations, including museums, parks, bridges, trees, and so on.  I normally paint palm trees, but that’s not what Tally is about – It’s about moss-draped oaks, the capital, higher education, and outdoor activities (the bicyclist), to name a few.  They really like the sun, the capitol, and the flag; they also wanted the coordinates of Tallahassee in it.  So it went back and forth for about 8 weeks.  It was challenging to say the least, pushed me way out of my comfort zone, but challenges are what help you grow as an artist. “

Upcoming Art Shows & Festivals

When not working at OHP, Lisa is busy painting private commissions for clients or hitting the road throughout the year displaying her pieces at art shows and festivals. We are so proud of her enormous talent and encourage you to visit Lisa at one of the Fall Festivals listed below:

Art Under the Oaks Festival
September 29-30
Postell-Park Pier Village
St. Simons Island, GA

The Beaches Art Fest
Oct. 13-14
Pablo Ave, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Ocala Art Festival
October 28-29
Ocala, FL

Halifax Art Festival
Nov. 3-4
Riverfront Park – Beach Street
Daytona Beach, FL

Flamingo Follies
Nov. 10-11
Flagler Ave.
New Smyrna Beach, Fl

St. Augustine Art & Craft Festival
Nov. 24-25
Francis Field, 29 W. Castillo Dr.
St. Augustine, FL

Downtown Festival & Art Show
Dec. 1-2
Gainesville, FL

To learn more about Lisa Rogers Fine Art, please click here to visit her blog, facebook page or follow her on Instagram!