Hands Above the Rest

Matt Varney With Family

What makes someone a true leader in their industry? Some would argue that it’s a person who helps others by providing guidance and insight of their knowledge.

This is precisely why Ocala Horse Properties’ Matt Varney is continuously recognized as the areas top agent. The latest recognition was highlighted by Ocala Style in an article that featured Matt Varney as Marion County’s leading realtor.

This recognition of Matt’s leadership isn’t just a superlative. It’s proven year-after-year in market share statistics. And he’s not just a leader – he’s number 1.

The 2020 agent market share report it topped by Matt Varney with $65,161,000 in sales. His sales were nearly double the next farm sales competitor and nearly four times the next closet realtor on the list respectively.

These stats tell a big story. A story of how Matt Varney and OHP are proven leaders in their field.

“Our clients come to us over and over again because we educate them about making wise investments.”

Where does that knowledge come from?

“We are riders, we buy and sell horses, we own land, we have recently done renovations and new builds, we have family members working in various parts of the industry and we are personally involved in protecting Ocala’s horse farms.” Matt says.

Ocala's Leading Realtor, Matt Varney

Ocala’s Leading Realtor, Matt Varney

“We know where Ocala has been, and we know where it is going.  This is why we are number one in sales – because we have a level of intimate knowledge that others simply do not.”

The market statistics illustrate the knowledge and the passion Matt and OHP team have for helping to put both buyers and sellers in the best position. This advocacy for their clients is why they are the most trusted.

“In working with both buyers and sellers, we are able to make connections and really hone in on their needs,” Matt says. “They want to be heard and they are looking for advice they can trust.”

The market statistics also tell a story of strength. The Horse Capital of the World has much to offer in real estate. For decades, people from around the world have moved here. And it’s why the World Equestrian Center has made Ocala its home.

Whether buying or selling, investing in real estate in Ocala/Marion County continues to be a wise decision, and it’s Ocala Horse Properties who provide the best advice.

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