Horse Farms Forever – Preserving Ocala’s Equestrian Farmland and Heritage

The scope and depth of  the impact that the equine industry has in Ocala Florida is far reaching in our community.  Did you know that the horse industry in Marion County has created more than 21,000 jobs and there are more than 80,000 horses in our region?  The financial impact on our region has been reported to be in excess of $2.3 billion, bringing true value to the statement that Ocala is “The Horse Capital of the World”!

From it’s inception, Ocala Horse Properties has been passionately involved as Founders and Members of the Board of Directors, aligning ourselves with the board’s purpose at Horse Farms Forever.  They are a well supported non-profit based in Marion County with the sole purpose of protecting our farmland and natural resources by garnering membership support throughout our region to accomplish the following objectives.

HFF Mission Statement: 

  • Raise awareness to ensure that the character and culture of Ocala/Marion County is protected for future generations.
  • Our Purpose is to be watchful of government in actions pertaining to the character and culture that the horse industry and the Farmland Preservation Area make unique to Ocala/Marion County.

Horse Farms Forever has recently produced this promotional video which captures some of the best data and visual highlights of our beautiful region.  Members of HFF include some of the top farm owners and equine related businesses in our region.  Together we share the same vision to carry forward the tradition of preserving land and thus the health of the horse industry.

“We truly believe that horses, horse farms and the horse industry creates the character and culture that makes Ocala/Marion County unique and noteworthy. For there to be horses and an equine industry, there must be farmland available for horse farms. The Farmland Preservation Area in northwest Marion County serves that purpose, and thus it is precious and must be protected and preserved to sustain this sense of place.”

Please consider becoming a member or making a donation to Horse Farm’s Forever.
Every donation helps move this mission forward.  Thank you!