OHP Supports WEC & Encourages USEF Resolution

Ocala Horse Properties has been fortunate enough to sponsor some of the best horse shows in the country, many of which are USEF sanctioned events held right here in Ocala, Florida.  We love Ocala and believe that no other area in the world is more suited for equestrian enthusiasts.

From an Ocala business owner perspective and as sponsors of several other regional events, it has become increasingly difficult to justify spending marketing dollars at horse shows with decreasing entries and restrictions on spectators during the COVID pandemic. Truth be told, Marion County’s businesses need more consumers, and we believe USEF’s recent decision makes it more difficult to do just that.

Understanding Equestrian Consumers

Ocala Horse Properties is owned by equestrians, and we know our clients. Equestrians are consumers who want a show venue that is well run, economically viable, and provides a safe and enjoyable experience for show families.  They are eager for show organizers who take pride in ownership – who care just as much about customer service and facility conditions, as they do about their bottom-line.  Equestrians are thirsty for an improved overall consumer experience.

During these trying times, show organizers and governing bodies should be working together to make horse sport accessible to as many people as possible.  The World Equestrian Center (WEC) and the National Snaffle Bit Association (NSBA) are doing just that. Through their efforts, they are drawing new residents to our region, bolstering our economy and creating many new jobs and careers in Marion County. The grand opening of WEC Ocala will undoubtably attract a loyal group of riders, trainers, spectators and sponsors to our community. These equestrian enthusiasts will help aid in the growth of the sport, and our beautiful region, for generations to come.

Encouraging Resolution with the USEF

Why would any governing body or organization put politics above the needs and desires of their consumers?  Disguising petty politics through unsupported concerns about the ‘potential safety of horse and rider’ at the World Equestrian Center, belittles the intelligence of USEF members. It is these very same consumers that the USEF needs to retain in order to ensure their future in horse sports.

Our hope is that the USEF will reconsider their position. If you are a member of USEF, we urge you to send a letter to thoughtfully express how you want your governing body to represent your best interests.

The team at Ocala Horse Properties fully stands behind the Roberts family and we look forward to supporting the grand opening of the World Equestrian Center in Ocala.

With or without the USEF’s support, WEC Ocala is EXACTLY what the equestrian world needs right now, and we are eager to kick off a great season here in OCALA. The team at Ocala Horse Properties looks forward to welcoming you!